About the Show

On Wingman I’ll teach you how to meet women, how to make them more attracted to you, what to say to pick them up- anywhere anytime, how to have more style, which will lead to more self-confidence! What dress trends to ware on a date that say to a woman “you have game – you have arrived in your career”. What do you say on the first date? What do you totally avoid in a first conversation! Then we move on to advanced confidence building to make you better, such as how to understand and order the right wine, how to cook the perfect romantic dinner, even if you never cooked a day in your life. How to work out in a gym and get results – you don’t have to be a muscle head and you will gain confidence physically. How to change your apartment from a dorm room to a successful bachelor pad, and it doesn’t cost a fortune. How to make Internet dating truly work for you – the 24/7 Cyber happy hour! Hear from one personal interviews from “hotties” who tell exactly what they want, what conversations and lines work for them and how to really impress them, I’ve talked to thousands and you will hear it live!

This is a whole season of teaching you changes that will give you a better “game”, I call it “get your A game on, Don’t miss an episode or you might miss a part of your overall confidence so don’t miss a step! The Wingman will make you and your A-game complete! All this and more, from A to Z, you have to be dialed-in, “locked and loaded” when you go out there! The “Wingman”, I’ve done it for years and so can you!

Are you ready? Let’s get started…......”Feature Rich Baby! Let’s show you how!


Bernie Emery

Bernie Emery has built several successful companies, many in the IT computer field. He worked 10 years on Wall Street selling multi-million dollar systems. He has been successfully dating for over 20 years and has consulted with the best single men and women in his vast travels, to develop the inside dating secrets that will make any man better at attracting women.