Marissa Pell,"The Medium" Tells All, learn to date with your Intuition!

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Season 2 Episode 6, Marisa Pell is a Professional Medium that is not only a successful entrepreneur in business, but teaches others how to be a Medium. Her approach to dating is completely different from what many of us know. In this first part of my multipart series with her, she tells how to use your intuition, that all of us have insides us, to better date and find our true love. Enjoy this and all in this fun series with Marisa as the Wingman strives to give you all the tools you need for dating success! More shows with Marisa are soon to follow each week. Follow the Wingman with 3 shows each week this season! Share episodes with your friends and lets all become better daters! Facebook-The Wingman Show with Bernie, its NEW!!

By Bernie Emery 02/15/2010 04:11 PM

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  1. Marisa wrote on 02/28/2010 01:29 PM

    Great episode Bernie! Thanks for posting this! Looking forward to seeing more stuff :)

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