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1st Date, What to say and What NOT TO SAY! w/ Marisa Pell, this is awesome!

2nd in a series with Medium Marisa Pell. In this podcast Marisa talks about good and bad energy, things you definitely DON’T want to talk about in your first date with a women and the right things to talk about.

Posted 03/19/2010 04:17 PM

Season 2, Episode 1 Launch

The Wingman is back and with a vengence! All new shows this season and with a new twist…they have video too! This is the introduction to a jam packed season and what to expect from the Wingman in 2010! Feature rich is back and in style! Get ready to date with your best “A” game!

Posted 03/16/2010 12:11 PM

Laid off and Looking for Love with Jen Sherlock!

This is the trailor, the full episiode will post in 24. But what fun!!

Posted 03/07/2010 07:06 AM

The Secret to Picking Wine! part 1

How do you know how to pick a good bottle of wine for a date? It is easy, let’s start here with lesson number 1, it might be the only lesson on wine you will ever need!

Posted 03/05/2010 04:38 PM

Marissa Pell,"The Medium" Tells All, learn to date with your Intuition!

The Wingman Bernie Interviews Marisa Pell one of the East Coast’s premier Mediums, about using your intuition to date with more success. The first in a mult-part series. Learn in minutes how to completely change your first date approach to be more successful. For men and women, a must see series!

Posted 02/15/2010 04:11 PM

Single this Valentine's Day? Click here

If you are single and looking for love this Valentine’s Day, Saturday Feb 13th, 2010 then here is a great tip for you!

Posted 02/12/2010 07:10 AM

Valentine's Day Date Ideas with Sara Ryan, Wingman Season 2 Episode 5

The Wingman is back with the Lovely Sara Ryan in this episode about great gift ideas for Valentines day and great ways to get a date this Vday. Sara tells how to use a causal Facebook friend 4 a new potential love interest. While this is great for Vday, it can work most anytime to land a 1st date!

Posted 02/09/2010 09:46 AM

Latest Filming with the new Flip Camera!

The Wingman has been filming for the past month of January and Feburary with my new Flip High Def Camera, stay tuned as many new fun and exciting dating podcasts are about to air. Just got back from a great weekend in Canada where I interviewed Canadian women about dating.

Posted 02/08/2010 05:15 AM